Can Cat Lovers Ever Love Dogs - People often define themselves as either a cat lover or a dog lover, but the question remains can a cat lover ever love dogs? Or, dog lovers ever love cats?.

Top Cat Breeds And Tips On Responsible Cat Breeding - Cat breeding is not as easy as just letting cats mate.

The Mixed Breeds More than Mutts - Many of the world's best pets, most loved companions and smartest dogs are mixed breeds, or "Muts".

What Weve Learned From Birds About Flight and Why It Took So Long - Eons ago, Zork stood outside his cave and watched a vulture spread his wings and soar off a cliff.

Dog Agility Training Is Fun For Fido - Hurling over jumps, running through tunnels, dodging weave poles, negotiating see-saws - do these sound like things your dog might enjoy? Then your pet might love dog agility training.

How To Help Your Dog With Food Allergies - Is your dog itching, scratching and foot licking? It may be from food allergies.

Choosing Cat Toys For Your Cat - In the next few paragraphs, we will explore new ideas and thoughts that may help you achieve your goal and decide what is best for you when choosing toys for your cats.

The Arctic and the Melting - The Arctic is located at the top of Planet Earth, the location of the North Pole and rumored home a certain Santa Clause.

Learn The Amazing Secrets Behind The Chihuahua Pug - Chihuahua pug, or Chug, is not a breed of dogs, but a hybrid of a chihuahua and a pug.

The Correct Way to Feed Your Horse - After paying stabling fees for your horse, feeding him is probably your next greatest cost.

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