Breeding healthy dogs

Innumerous people across the world love to keep dogs as their pets. They will do everything to keep their dogs in the best of health. These people also like to breed their dogs, either to increase their numbers or to make money out of them. However, most of them do not have a fair idea of how to breed healthy dogs and land themselves into problems.

Therefore, if you are one of them, and if you need to know about the ways to breeding healthy dogs, you must follow some good advice. One of the foremost things is choosing the right mate for your dog. While choosing the right mate, you must see whether it is compatible and possesses good temperament.

Both the male and the female should be healthy and must have no genetic faults, which may potentially jeopardize the health of their puppies. Moreover, you must be sure whether the female dog is healthy, as it will determine her pregnancy and the process of birth. In this case, you must support the female dog with healthy supplements and nutritious food to ensure healthy birth.

Better health will enable them to stay healthy during pregnancy as well. You must determine the breeding history of both the female and male dogs. A good breeding record is very essential for successful breeding. Prepare the record of the medical history for your female dog, when it is going into heat, changing its behavior or different medical issues. There are various kinds of dogs, and so it is essential to have the knowledge of the kind of spices that you have. If you find that your dog is the rarest of its type, you may find difficult in getting a compatible dog for matting.

However, in this regard, if you want to mate with different species, be assured about the history of the dog, and about its health and temperament. You must as well know your dog's family of breeds. If you can get the information about your dog's family of breeds, you can easily know the stature of your own dog.

In the case of female dog, there are more complications in respect to the male dogs, as it is little bit hard task to find the history of the female dog. However, in this case you can consult your nearby vet. It has been seen that failure in conception is mainly due to the female dogs. It can be due the hormone problem or wrong timing, or some thing like that. It takes nearly 2 years for the female dogs to be fully-grown as well as developed. Therefore, do not consider her for mating before her age.

If she is mated before her full development, she may face problems in conceiving and it may put your dog into danger. Before breeding, you must get your bitch or stud checked to make sure whether s/he is free from brucellosis. This disease can cause sterility in both the sexes and it can further cause the puppies to be aborted just after birth. Moreover, this germ is occasionally passed through sexual intercourse among the dogs, and it can infect the whole kennel.

This article comes to you from dog lover John Pawlett who is currently building a community site for dog breeds and breeders

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