Care For Your Fish Tank

Fish tank is an ideal domestic decorative item that goes perfectly well with every sort of decor. Ideally, you will have it a prominent corner of your living room or if you are speaking of office, you would like to keep it in the lobby. Chinese Feng Shui advocates fish tanks in every home for prosperity.

How Do You Choose a Fish Tank? Here Are A Few Tips for You Your selection of fish tank must simplify the care for your tank in addition to increasing the decor. 1. Choosing by shapes: Common shapes available are rectangular and hexagon.

Bubbles shaped rounded tanks are getting popular now a day. However, rectangular shape is by far the most popular one because of its larger surface area which allows for greater exchange of gases with atmosphere. It is easier to locate them at any corner. But a bubble or a hexagonal shaped tank would look better along walls. 2.

Consider the Location: If it is a single fish vanity for your bathroom, go for a smaller rounded fish tank. But for placing along a wall, nothing fits better than a rectangular shaped aquarium. Hexagonal shapes go better with corners. However there is more to think of at this time. A fish tank can weigh over 220 pounds for a 20 gallon tank (filled weight.) You can't forget this if you are planning to place your aquarium on a shelf or an existing table.

3. Size: Don't go beyond 20 to 30 gallon size if you are a beginner. While bigger ones are challenging to maintain, smaller tanks crowd the tanks and the quality of water suffers making fishes unhealthy. By the rule of thumb, you would have a fish or 2 per gallon of tank size. Aquarium Plants Fish tank plants not just increase the beauty but keeps water healthy by reducing carbon dioxide. Plants provide fishes pace to hide and spawn.

Look around for guidelines for simple plants. Some are typically easy to plant and need less care. But typically all would need abundant light to flourish. But maintain water at 5.

5 to 8 pH and at around 300C. 1. Anubias Anugustifolia: Long narrow leaves that grow upto 15CM, these plants are ideal for herbivorous fishes.

2. Amazon Sword: Although harder to cultivate these plants sway beautifully in the current. They need a little higher pH and grow upto 50Cm. 3.

Wisteria 4. Moneywort 5. Java Moss Regular filtering, aeration and changing the water are basic needs to keep fish tank water disease free. Also over crowding the fish tank is not a good idea.

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