Dog And Cat Vaccines The Truth Part

In my previous article, I discussed the problems with cat and dog vaccines today and the confusion that many pet owners face. Should you vaccinate your dog or cat, and if so, how often and for what diseases? The advice you will hear from most conventional veterinarians will be "vaccinate for (x) diseases, and return annually for booster shots". This is not the approach I advocate. With the evidence as clear as it is, most veterinary schools are now advising alternate vaccine protocols - fewer vaccines and less often. Newer research is showing that vaccine immunity lasts much longer than previously thought.

In some cases, a vaccine given at 1 year of age may provide lifelong immunity. The analogy can be drawn to people and Tetanus vaccine - it only needs to be boosted every 10 years (or perhaps longer), and this may be similar in dogs and cats. Vaccinations do help prevent serious illnesses, but they should be used with caution. Before vaccinating your dog or cat, consider the risk. If your cat is indoor-only and will never be exposed to non-vaccinated animals, the risk of infection is low. Conversely, if your dog is often in boarding kennels or goes to a busy dog day care, then he may be exposed to many diseases.

The decision about vaccinating your dog or cat is an individual one, and it should be guided by your own research before you go to your veterinarian. Take the time to speak with several veterinarians and others in the pet health industry in your local area, and find out what the common diseases are, and what your cat or dog could be exposed to. If you would like to know more, visit one of my sites - see the resource box below for a link to VeterinarySecretsRevealed or TheOnlineVet - and send me an email with the request. I'll send you my Vaccine Report, with my recommendations. In the meantime, all the best wishes to you and your furry children!.

The decision to vaccinate your pet can be confusing - should you vaccinate your pet, and what should you vaccinate for? Visit Dr. Jones' site VeterinarySecretsRevealed for FREE information today.

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