Find Out What The Best Land Iguana Habitat Is

What is the best land iguana habitat? If you have just purchased a new land iguana then the first thing you will need to do is to create a sustainable and appropriate habitat for it to live in. Their habitat is a little different then most other iguana habitats. To find out what the best land iguana habitat is, we first need to learn about where land iguanas come from. There are two different types of land iguanas and they both come from the archipelago of the Galapagos Islands. Darwin was of course the first person to have seen these amazing creatures in their natural habitat.

The land iguana habitat on the Galapagos Islands was mostly made from rock and soil. There is of course barely any vegetation on the Islands bar half dead grass and shrubs. Land Iguanas like all iguanas are vegetarians and eat mostly fruit and vegetables, therefore it is a good idea to make your habitat easily assessable for cleaning purposes. One of the most important things to have in your iguana's habitat is an area where water can be situated. They are in fact very good swimmers and therefore enjoy the water a lot.

If you have the capacity, it's a great idea to insert a small shallow pond. If you don't wish to keep your land iguana in an enclosure then make sure you always have somewhere for your iguana to swim and bath. The last and probably most important thing for your land iguana habitat is to have an area in your enclosure that is full of plenty of soil. Land iguanas in their natural habitat dig their own burrows in order to escape from predators. If you don't have any soil for your iguana to dig in, then it will find some place else to dig, perhaps your carpet for one! Another great idea for your land iguana habitat is to insert a few shrubs.

This will give your enclosure a fantastic look and feel that will help your iguana feel more like an iguana instead of just a normal pet. This also makes your enclosure look a little less bare and much more interesting for people to look at. Make sure the shrubs aren't too green as this will limit your iguana's potential to camouflage itself. If you use all the information in this article, you will be sure to create a great land iguana habitat that will have your iguana feeling happy and secure.

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