Find Your Lost Pets Have Them Microchipped

if we don't protect our pets they may become statistics. Not something we would want when we could avoid the problem by using today's technology. The Microchip RFID Tag is a simple and useful tool in stopping uneccesary euthanasia. A microchip is a small radio transponder which is implanted under the skin near the shoulder blades of the pet via a sterile needle. The chip , about the size of a rice gain, activates a receiver in the scanner which transmits its microchip number to an electronic scanner for veterinary or animal welfare/control personnel to read. They then can determine the type of chip and contact the approriate pet recovery database to discover the owners information.

The National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy completed a survey of 1000 animal shelters across the United States in 1997 where it found that about one million dogs and 584,000 cats were found as strays and taken to shelters. Of these only 16% of the dogs and 2% of the cats could be returned to their owners. Some of these could be adopted but the majority of these pets were humanely euthanized because their owners could not be found. This carnage could have been avoided.

One minute the pet is there, the next they have bolted or silently slunk away. One is reminded of the panic of a mother when their child wanders way in the supermarket, only to be found moments later. The pet may not be noticed as missing as quickly as the child. The microcchip is the silent protector of the animal when they are found when lost or missing by their owners. A number of cities and towns require a microchip and registration as part of their licensing process, for identification and the funding of animal control services. The cost of microchip registration in the various databases is minimal compared to the anguish of a child whose favorite pet has gone missing.

Adopted animals are often microchipped by animal welfare organizations while individuals can have the microchip implanted by their veterinarian for under $50.00. A small price to pay for pece of mind.

Microchipping of pets is a wise and most effective way to enhance pet recovery when a dog or cat goes missing. It is a uniform way that assists animal control and shelters in returning the pet to their owner . A minimal cost and activity at the beginning of pet ownership can eliminate and avoid the pain and suffering of losing the family pet. Animal clinics and animal welfare organizations have electronic scanners that identify and display the microchip registration of the majority of chipsm in the marketplace regardless of manufacturer as long as they are either Non-ISO or ISO standard manufacture. Names such as Avid,Home Again,24Petwatch,Allflex are commonly used microchips in North America.

The current non-ISO chips in the US can be read today and in Canada the scanners read both ISO and non-ISO chips in scanners provided specifically for that market. When an animal arrives at a shelter or is taken to a veterinarian it can be readily scanned and its microchip naumber read. Each brand of microchip, such as 24Petwatch,Avid or Home Again, has specific identifiers that indicate the manufacturer.

All have call-centers which have toll-free numbers. The 24Petwatch registry allows for the regisrtation of all microchips regardless of maker. Their database is also integrated with the largest online realtime shelter management software in North America, which allows the shelter to search their database as well as those of some 850 other agencies. This combined with accurate updating by owners of address changes allows you to find your lost pet quickly.

In addition to writing on microchipping Rob Metras is interested on how to give the best care to your pets. Click on the the following link for a free ebook on caring for your own pets. Rob blogs at on a variety of canine and cat care and pet welfare issues

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