Finding a Good Dog Breeder

Dogs are one of man's best friends, as the saying goes. There are many families and single owners out there who are extremely happy with their dogs. Dogs can be found in many places from pet stores, dog breeders, animal shelters, and from families who've had puppies they just can't keep. Most often in animal shelters, getting a dog from a friend, and even in pet stores you will find mixed breed dogs and sometimes you may not know exactly what breed you really have. If you are interested in caring for a specific breed of dog, that is all one breed, you have to seek out a dog breeder. A dog breeder is going to work with one maybe two different breeds of dogs in order to supply the populace with those breeds.

When you are looking for specific dog breed you are better off heading to a dog breeder; however there are things you should consider before you choose just one dog breeder. Below are a few tips on how to find a dog breeder and what to look for. Your first resource for finding a dog breeder is going to be the internet. The internet has several thousand legitimate business owners that breed all variety of dogs, but of course there are always those who aren't as legitimate as they seem. While the internet can help you located dog breeders close to you or within your travelling distance budget don't rely solely on the internet as your source. There are several dog lovers around you that can point you towards dog breeders they have used.

You will also find pet shops or pet stores can often give you information on dog breeders that they have dealt with. When you find a list of three to five dog breeders you are interested in. You will need to narrow your choice down by several things.

First the price they want for their puppies, the training they may provide, and the care they have supplied for the puppy. To narrow your choices you will need to visit the dog breeders business to check for proper care of the animals. Ask yourself how clean is the space they use, how large, and do they supply proper nutrition and exercise for each dog.

You will also want to know how often they breed their dogs. If a dog is used too often there is more potential for damage to the offspring and to the mother. It is important that they take care of the mother just as much as the puppies. You will also want to ask for references.

Dog breeders should be able to provide you with at least one reference for a happy dog owner, even if they need to speak with the past customer first. Once you have visited the dog breeders on your list and narrowed your choices down by what you have seen and how much you can afford with your budget you will be able to choose your dog. You may find you still have two dog breeders on your list. Spend a little time with the puppies they have and narrow down your choice even further to one dog.

The dog breeder is going to want to see you interact with the puppy, and they may even ask for references as well as seeing your home to ensure that you will provide the proper care. You will want to talk about care with the dog breeder. Ask questions about how often your dog will need a bath, grooming information, their ideas on proper nutrition, exercise, and the amount of space an adult dog will need.

Tim Harrison is a writer for the websites Dog and Dog Beds.

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