Guide to Buying Safe and Fun Toys for Your Dogs

You hit the pet shop on a mission - to find the perfect tough dog toy for your new pooch. So, you hit the dog chew toy aisle, only to find thousands of different choices. Big ones, little ones, brightly colored ones, black and white ones ' you name it, they've got it. So, in the midst of all these wonderful dog toys, how do you pick the right dog chew toy for your favorite pooch? We have a few tips and ideas to help you in our short guide to buying safe and fun toys for your dogs: 1.

Know your dog. Do a little research on the breed before you head out to the local pet shop for a dog chew toy. Is the breed a chaser? Is the breed bred to fight? Knowing what traits your dog possesses is a key ingredient to picking the right dog chew toy that your pet will love. A tiny bit of research on the net about the breed of your dog can help you to know if you should get a lovable plush dog toy or an indestructible dog toy for your pooch to pull on. 2. Choose the right size.

If you have a toy breed, you don't want a huge dog chew toy. So, when you are looking through all the indestructible or plush dog toy choices at the pet shop, make sure that you choose one that will fit in your dog's mouth so they will be able to play with the plush dog toy or indestructible dog toy, not just stare at it. 3. Inspect the dog chew toy before you buy it. When you are looking through the choices of dog chew toys, make sure that you inspect it before you buy it. Make sure that there are no small pieces that can fall off and choke your pet or strings that can come unraveled and wrap around your pet.

Pull on the dog chew toy, tug on it, twist it, even try to rip it apart. If you can't, then it's probably a good pick. If you can, then stash it behind some others and move on! Knowing what traits your dog's breed possesses and a little about your dog will be the major determining factor in what type of dog chew toy that you should choose. You can also find some great ideas for homemade dog toys online when you are doing research on your dog's breed.

You will know when you have picked the perfect dog chew toy when your pet won't leave it alone.

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