How to Train My Dog to Stay

Dogs are men's best friend. It is loyal and obliging. However, you will need to train the dog carefully before it is able to be your best friend.

Its nature is to wander freely and move around. Nevertheless, dogs are brilliant and can be taught. What you need is patience and passion to conduct obedience training.

Only when you train your family pet, will it be able to follow your instructions thus making it easy for you to control your pet. Getting him to stay put in a place is important. It will be very frustrating to have your guest being uncomfortable when your dog is pouncing or jumping around. Conversation is impossible when you have to search for your dog continuously in the park because it just does not stay in one place. Hence, training to teach a dog how to stay is important. You will need a leash and a collar in order to continue with this step of dog obedience program.

Asking a wandering dog to stay is extremely difficult, when it has many grounds to cover. Both tools will help your dog to concentrate on your instructions. With a palm flat on your dog's face, give the command to sit.

Your tone should not be harsh in this step of dog obedience program. You only have to be precise and give clear instruction to your dog. By giving this instruction, you already have the dog sitting obediently in one place. Next in training program, is to step in front of your dog and stand still. Whenever he moves, say 'No!' clearly, so it will not keep on fidgeting. After a period of time that you have selected for example ten minutes, give some rewards to let him know that he has done a good job.

by all means, the rewards should not involve petting or giving a biscuit. He will start wagging its tail and even jump up and down the moment you pat it. It will only disrupt the current steps. Just voice out your praises to the dog and this has to be consistent throughout the dog obedience program.

When you have successfully trained him to stay after this step in the program, proceed with other obedience agendas. Increase the length for him to stay put. Just remember to divide sit-stay dog obedience training into separate durations so the dog will adapt to it beautifully. It is better to conduct this part of dog training in small spaces like in the house or even in your backyard.

Doing the training in big spaces such as the park will only distract the dog and you will end up in frustration. Although you conduct dog obedience training with the help of leashes and collars, dogs can still move around and it is hard to control. If he fidgets and starts to move during the training, instruct it to be in the sit position before proceeding with the rest of dog obedience lessons.

When you are done with the stay part of the dog obedience lessons conducted in your house compound, it is now time to try to bring the dog to the park. By this time, your dog will be able to follow your instructions and be easier to control it. Just remember that any amount of kicking, yelling and beating will not help with the progress of obedience training. Take a break and prepare to take the lessons lightly. It can be the best time for you to relieve your stress by being with your pet.

Terence Young - For more dog obedience and training tips and ideas visit:

Animal Planet

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