Learn The Real Truth About The Teacup Pug

The miniature or the teacup pug is a little known breeds of pugs. Many people don't believe that such a breed exists and that the teacup pug is just a smaller version of a normal pug. If you go into any pug forum people will tell you that they have spotted teacup pugs and that they have a much different appearance than the normal pug. So is there really a breed of pugs known as teacups? The Facts Basically a teacup pug isn't actually a purebred of pugs, instead they are in fact half breeds.

It's common to see a pug crossed with a Chihuahua and the appearance can be somewhat amazing. Basically you would mistake one of these half breeds a just a smaller version of a pug. The only semi noticeable difference being the length of the snout is a little longer in a teacup pug then in a normal purebred. So is it safe to breed a pug with another dog such as a Chihuahua? The answer is a little yes and a little no. Most of these teacup pugs need C sections. One thing that may be beneficial for this type of pug is the fact that they have a slightly longer snout which will reduce the likelihood a possible breathing complications later on down the track.

This is a common flaw in purebred pugs. Although there may be some benefits of cross breeding pugs, there are usually more complications involved and it is not recommended that people should do so. There is a common term in dog society named 'designer dogs'. These are dogs that are purposely cross bred to create new unique breeds that no one else will have. This is one of the worst things that people could do.

It's not safe to experiment in cross breeding dogs unless of course you are a trained vet who knows what you are doing. In Summation Basically there is no actual purebred of teacup pugs. We all know that there are many different types of cross breeds out there and you may be mistaken if you see a teacup pug because usually it's probably just a normal pug that's just a little smaller than usual. One of the things you could do is the next time you come across a smaller than usual pug, ask the owner if it is in fact a teacup pug.

If they say yes than ask them what it is a cross of. Most people will just tell you that it is purebred but as you now know, there is no such thing as a purebred teacup pug.

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