Natural medicine for animals too

Natural medicine for animals tooEnglish vets use homeopathy routinely in their practices. Although a few alternative vets here in the US are using homeopathy at least part of the time, the same paradigm that dominates our human medicine has taken over veterinary medicine, as well.

Veterinary bills have risen accordingly, with many new drugs and procedures. With a little practice, the cost of curing (not treating, curing) your dog's ear infection for pennies will open up many new options for you and your pets.

The author notes the increasing number of people who are interested in complementary therapies, and interested in alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs with their serious side-effects. Even people who use homeopathy for themselves will be surprised at how effective it is in animals. (So much for the placebo effect!)

This 479 page resource covers not only dogs and cats, and horses, but also pigs, goats, cattle, sheep, birds, fish, rabbits and rodents. English vets use homeopathy on farm animals as well as pets, and this provides a much wider view of the many applications of this medicine.

Beginning with Accidents, Emergencies & First Aid, the book then goes to General Conditions, and Reproduction. The first section discusses conditions which are general across the whole range of animals, while the second section covers individual species and their likely conditions.

Francis Hunter provides adequate background on the history and use of homeopathy and clear explanations of the Law of Similars. There are no bad effects; if the wrong remedy is chosen, there will be no effect. Homeopathy can also be used in conjunction with drugs when they are necessary.

Everyday Homeopathy for Animals includes a Primary Materia Medica of the most useful remedies, with an extensive list of indications. Between this list and the indications for the individual species, one could probably come up with the right remedy, even if a neophyte!

Our animals are suffering the same effects of diet and less exercise, etc. as their masters. New "diseases" appear regularly now--asthma, allergies, and cancer--degenerative diseases. For people who love their animals, Everyday Homeopathy for Animals can be a new resource for healthier pets.