Nebelung Cats a Substitute for the Russian Blue

So you love cats, and who doesn't, and you have decided to try and get yourself a Russian longhair. I am afraid that you are out of luck. The Russian longhairs have ceased to exist as an individual breed. So how about the next best thing? What is that, you say? Why, an elegant Russian Blue Nebelung cat, the breed that has recreated the Russian longhair. Weighing only six to eight pounds, these are small, fine-boned cats that are utterly graceful little beauties. Possibly the only difference between a Nebelung cat and a Russian Blue is its fluffy tail, but the luxurious silver-tipped gray coat is definitely one of its most prominent features.

Add to that the round green eyes, erect, widely spaced ears, blunt muzzle, and a triangular head, and you have yourself a Nebelung cat. In case you are wondering, Nebelung is a German word that means "creature of the mist," which was probably inspired by the luminous quality of its Russian Blue coat. These are shy, affectionate cats, but are also termed as somewhat flighty. So a Nebelung cat would not be your first choice if you have young children. However, these cats have quiet voices to go with their gentle demeanors.

They are fastidious, well mannered, intelligent little darlings that love to drink water from the faucet, can open doors, and will often play fetch. Though shy with strangers, the Nebelung is definitely a lap sitter, and they just adore being petted. Nebelung cats are such lovely creatures that they have been billed as presenting the appearance of a romanticized cat picture that was popular back in the 1900s. Like many cats, they definitely enjoy sleeping on your bed and will follow their human around from room to room, making them a devoted companion. If you have decided that you would like to own a Nebelung, be prepared to spend some time finding one.

The cats are still very rare, and their breeders can basically only be found in Michigan, Mississippi, Illinois, Washington State, Colorado, Russia, and France. Plus remember that besides the champion quality of Russian Blues, the Nebelung can also be found in at least three unrelated lines. Something else that you need to be aware of, Nebelung breeders will insist that you sign a contract, which requires the prospective owner to keep the cat indoors at all time as well as guaranteeing that the cat's shots will be kept current. This contract will also include an agreement that the new owner will have the cat neutered or spayed. This is all done to guarantee the best possible welfare for your cat.

In return, their health is guaranteed.

For more specific information on Nebelung Cats, click here Nebelung Cats, for more cat breed care and information on all types of felines visit our main site The Feline Cart

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