The Role of Transportation and Extreme Events on Global Warming

With the issue of transportation, it is predicted that Americans will continue to put gasoline-burning cars on the road at alarming rates over the next twenty years. The number estimated is around 300 million new cars. With this expectation, it is clear that cars should be made with energy efficiency in mind. Otherwise, they will cause extensive global warming. Alternate fuels have been in the news for helping with reducing global warming as well. One of the most interesting fuels is bio-diesel.

This type of fuel can be made from a variety of sources. Vegetable oils such as soybean and rapeseed oils have been used successfully in regular diesel vehicles. Some cars are flex-fuel cars which can be run on different fuel sources. They can use alcohol, gasoline, or a combination. E85 is mostly ethanol with 15% of the fuel being gasoline.

This fuel performs a little better than pure ethanol, but is more conducive to cutting down on global warming than gasoline. The world, especially the US, can make some changes in the way they move about and transport their goods. If people do nothing, greenhouse gasses will surely increase drastically. However, if changes are made, global warming will be cut to a very large degree. The effects of extreme events caused by global warming Heat, of course, will be an important factor in global warming. There will be more days that are hot, higher daytime highs, and many lasting heat waves.

This will affect people, animals, and the environment. Another effect of the higher temperatures caused by global warming is that tourism will make gradual shifts. A region that had the ideal temperature one year might be too hot the next.

Then, tourists will move further north for their vacations. As global warming gets worse, precipitation will become more intense. This will lead to floods, mudslides, landslides, and avalanches. Soil erosion will be a fact of life. At the same time, there will be increased risk of drought.

This will lead to more forest fires. It will also limit the quantity and quality of the water supply.

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