Tips For Dog Grooming And Skin Care

Dogs come in variety of sizes, shapes and above all, coat. There are dogs like German Shepherds that have double coat and will leave a trails of hair all over your carpet and then there are the Labrador Retrievers or Daschund, who have the finest coats ‚?" No hair at all! One of the most painful and troublesome exercises includes dog grooming and skin care. Take your dog out for a grooming session is a real experience but then it is important to have them groomed so that their coat cat be protected, which in turn will protect their skin from fleas and other insects. Dogs are prone to different types of skin diseases and all this will happen if you don‚??t take care of their skin. A dog is like a child. Just the way you fall sick and need medical treatments and just the way you need to keep your hair and body clean; the same stands for your dogs too.

They are prone to different types of diseases as well, and some of them can be life threatening. They also need a bath and grooming especially cutting their nails and cleaning their ears. Most of the dog infections start from their ears.

Dog care including grooming is not at all a simple task. You will need to know a lot many things about dogs before you can keep one as a pet. Dogs have regulated food habits; they have a personality, and their body has different sensory organs that need a lot of cleaning.

Once every month is a must! Dog grooming and skin care The skin of all dogs is extremely sensitive. Hence you need to take proper care of their skin so that it is free of fleas and dandruff and should be healthy. You can achieve this by either taking your dog to a pet grooming center or the local vet or you can purchase different grooming items over the internet. For example, you can pick up a pet grooming brush online so that you can use it on a regular basis to keep his or her hair clean. You can even pick up a mini semilunar flea comb that is durable and has stainless steel teeth for effectiveness.

Here is some dog grooming tips: * If you have a long haired dog then ensure that they are groomed every day but if you have a short-haired dog then once in a week will be fine. * You can't groom your dog whenever you want instead try grooming when your dog is calm and you have enough time at your disposal. You need to make grooming a pleasurable experience for your dog as well as you.

If you tempt your dog with a treat after every grooming session then in all probability you will never have a problem. * If you have brought home a puppy of for example a German Shepherd Dog then you need to get him accustomed to grooming so that when he grows up, grooming will never be an issue for him. Always be gentle to the puppy as it will give him reassurance.

* There are some areas of his body that might be more sensitive and you need to keep that in mind while grooming. Be gentle whenever possible. Here are some facts regarding brushing and combing: * Brushing and combing on a regular basis will ensure that any loose hair is removed and the skin is free from any parasite, bacteria, fleas or other disease causing organism. You can even use natural oils to make the coat of your dog shiny. In order to remove hair entangles, you should ideally comb in the direction of the hair growth.

* You can use fine-toothed combs if your dog has a soft or silky coat. You can use a medium-toothed comb if your dog has a normal coat and wide-toothed combs if he has heavy or thick coat. * Once in a while you should use flea combs for removing any parasites, dirt and fleas from his coat.

* You can even use a rake for removing the dead undercoat hair. * Pin brushes that have rounded tips can be used to avoid any damage to his skin. These brushes are good for dogs with long hair like Terriers.

* You can use a Bristle brush if your dog has a long coat. The skin of your dog will depend a lot on the type of food he eats. Ensure that dog food is nutritious and consist of essential vitamins and minerals that will help their skin to grow. A daily bath or a bath twice a week depending on the type of dog you have is necessary to keep their skin clean of any germs.

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