Tips for the Jet Set Pet

For most people who own pets, these furry friends are more family, than simple pets. For this reason, we see a growing number of people who take their pets on vacation. While this makes things more fun for the owner and the animal, it also comes with a new set of challenges. The best option is excellent planning so you and your pet are comfortable and safe while having a great time.

One of the greatest challenges of traveling with pets is trying to locate a hotel that accommodates. Even though we see the problem lessening, you will still find many hotels that do not welcome pets. This means you end up staying in a hotel other than what you would prefer just for the sake of the animal.

Therefore, we suggest as you plan your next vacation, check with the Convention and Visitors Bureau for the state you will travel to, which can provide you with a list of pet friendly hotels. Now, even when you receive this list, you should call ahead to make sure there are no surprises and that you understand any additional charges that may apply. In addition, always make sure pets have a collar, tags show they are up to date on vaccinations, and an ID tag with your name, phone number, and the pet's name. This way, in case your animal was to escape from your care, you would have a much better opportunity of having your pet returned.

These ID tags might also include your veterinarian's phone number. Then, before you leave on vacation, contact your veterinarian, letting him or her know where you will be staying. That way, if your pet is lost and the person phones your veterinarian, you could be contacted. ID tags are sold at most veterinarian offices, as well as retail stores for less than $5.

We also recommend that when traveling with pets, you carry a current photograph with you. That way, if your pet were to become lost, you could show the picture to people, thus increasing your chances of finding your furry friend. If you will be traveling by car, you want to make your pet as comfortable as possible. For this, bring a favorite blanket, toys, and food and water dishes. These familiar items will put the pet at ease.

In addition, if you will be traveling with pets on an airline, you can place a favorite blanket in the bottom of the carrier, again providing something comfortable and familiar. Most importantly, always keep your pet on a leash, take bottled water if you plan walking or sightseeing, and never leave a pet unattended in a car. Unfortunately, people forget that a car can reach 150 to 200 degrees inside in no time. Even with a small cracked window, the car would become an oven. Therefore, to protect your pets, keep them with you where you know they are safe, and sound.

Grant Segall is an owner of two Golden Retrievers and the webmaster of

Animal Planet

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