Transport Dog Crates

It is not ideal to travel by air with your dog, but sometimes there is no other option. You'll need to consider transport dog crates, and the key is to make the trip as stress free for your dog as you can. An alarming number of dogs and other pets become injured, lost, or even die on board an airplane when traveling. Compared to the number of successful animals transported from one location to another via the airlines, this number is low, however, it only takes one incident to change your life forever when your dog becomes seriously injured or dies because of a lack of preparation on your part. Prior to looking at transport dog crates or buying your airline tickets, the first thing you should do is to call the airline to ascertain their current policies in relation to pet travel. If you plan to transport a puppy, you also need to bear in mind the federal regulations that provide that a dog cannot be less than 8 weeks old as at date of travel, and must have been weaned for at least 5 days before the flight date.

Puppies and small dogs (usually less than 15 pounds in weight) can sometimes travel with you, in transport dog crates or other pet carriers, underneath your seat. If traveling with a small dog in this way, then, it is imperative that you ensure that the transport dog crate or other pet carrier's dimensions are such that the crate or carrier will fit underneath the seat. Large dogs obviously cannot be slid under seats, and need to go in the cargo compartment of the airplane. It is still essential that the transport dog crates are of a suitable size for the dog, so as to minimize any distress caused to the dog. They need to be big enough so the dog is not completely confined, but not so big that the dog can be injured if the crate is handled carelessly. These are some steps you can take to ensure a less stressful trip for your pet if you need to transport them by airplane: - try to book a direct flight where possible.

Plane transfers and other stop-overs make the trip lengthier than it need be for your dog. - confirm your flight before you leave home, to ensure that there have been no changes to your flight schedule. - take your dog for a walk shortly before you leave for the airport. - check with your vet as to feeding recommendations for your dog. Most vets will recommend that your dog travel on an empty stomach. For long flights, your dog will need to be fed, and your vet will advise you what is appropriate, taking into account your dog's age, size and regular diet.

- make sure your dog will have a good supply of water during the flight in order to keep him properly hydrated. - it's good practise to plan to arrive early at the airport. This is especially important when you're traveling with a pet, as there are more things that can hold you up.

- if you are leaving from a destination that's close to the airport, make sure your dog is given an opportunity to toilet just before you leave. If you are a distance from the airport, wait until you arrive at the airport before toileting your dog. Either way, it's important that your dog has a toilet opportunity to avoid accidents in the transport dog crate during the trip. - get ready for your flight before you leave for the airport. Take magazines or reading material and activities for your kids with you so you don't need to spend time shopping at the airport. It's important that you spend all the time you can prior to boarding the plane with your dog.

If possible, put your dog into the transport dog crate yourself (as opposed to airport staff doing this) and if it's allowed, take your dog to the gate yourself as well. - notify the flight staff once you board the plane that your dog is flying with you and that he is traveling in the cargo compartment (unless he's with you in the passenger compartment, that is). - when you land, disembark from the plane as promptly as you can, and go directly to the baggage claim area to claim your dog as soon as he is taken off the plane.

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