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Rickettsial infection in animals and Brazilian spotted fever endemicity
Natural medicine for animals too
Children's and adults' beliefs about the sex of non-sex-specific stuffed animals
The mythology of masquerading animals, or, bestiality
John Gray is one of the most daring and original thinkers in Britain.
Knowledge about the most fearsome dinosaurs and their relatives
The British so idolise animals that now even John Prescott has to worry about the
Wild Minds: What Animals Really Think.
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Animal Planet

A site for anyone interested in animals and the natural world around them. Includes general information about all genres of the animal kingdom, from mammals to reptiles, and special features, fact sheets, and more.

Melson, Gail F. Why the Wild Things

How important are animals in the lives of children and what difference do they make? Anyone who has had a pet or seen a child interact with or pretend to be an animal knows that there is significance to their association.


Drawing Animals

The writing of this book began in South Africa with the help of Rocco Knobel, Director of National Parks, and under the guidance of Bernard Sargent, a South African animal artist. In the beginning.


Curious Creatures

Wondrous Waifs my life with animals recounts writer Kostro's life long love affair with critters. Written in 42 chapters Curious Creatures--Wondrous Waifs my life with animals opens with 'A Snake, a Rat, and Two Alley Cats


Hawksbill sea turtle endangered animals unit

For many children the words "endangered animal" usually creates images of gigantic sea creatures or dinosaurs. Nonetheless, second-grade students usually understand the concept that many animals are at risk of becoming extinct, yet they


A world without color: life is full of hidden dangers for animals lacking hue
Last spring, a zebra born in Africa's Nairobi National Park caused quite a stir. That's because the newborn foal was stripeless. Unlike others in its herd, the knobby-kneed newborn had pink eyes and an all-white body--a sure sign it was an albino.